Portraits & Family Portraits

In a soft, gentle, traditional style, i can offer a range of sizing and options for family portraits and individual portraiture. The best images will be well lit and balanced in colour, often professionally shot, or using a modern high quality camera/phone. I can however work with less than ideal photos, provided i can see enough detail to truly reflect the subject. 

Framing available from £20 in a variety of styles. 

Tinted paper available.

Paintings Available on canvas POA

20 x 30cm (Approx A4)

Colour £120
Black And White £95

1 x figure with head and shoulders

30 x 40cm (Approx A3)

Colour £140
Black And White £125

Up to 2 x figures. Please add an additional £20 per extra figure.

40cm x 50cm or A2

Colour £240
Black and White £180

Up to x 4 figures. For more than 2 figures, please add an additional £20 per figure.

Other Size or Paintings


For larger drawings, specific sizes and more figures, or a different medium/painting, please enquire.